Social Media Video Advertising Campaigns
That Sell While You Sleep.

Our specialty is helping growing professional service businesses with offerings of $500 or higher acquire exclusive qualified leads and brand awareness while they sleep using our proven "Reel Campaigns System" that combines professional video content, high-converting sales funnels, and strategic social media advertising campaigns 

  • We Get You More Leads.
  • We Help You Reach 1000s of New Customers. 
  • We Nurture Your Leads With Email Followup.
  • We Increase Your Social Media Testimonials.

Over 2 Million

People Reached in 2019 Alone

$1 in $3 Out

Average Campaign ROI

Over $4 Million

In Sales Generated

What Our Partners Say About Us

Justin Ckezepis

Owner of Ckezepis Law

Working with Bryant and Reel Results has helped me reach 2 million people on social media and generate over $100,000 in sales in 2019 alone.  They are a great marketing partner!

Services Used: Reel Content & Reel Campaigns.

Melinda Wilshire

Marketing Director,
Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont

Okay, I knew it was a smart move to partner with you guys in our first meeting, but whoa... the creativity, professionalism and coolness you have brought to Goodwill is over the top. We are inspired by you and grateful for your contribution to our mission.

Services Used: Reel Content.

Get More Leads & Online Market Influence Using
The "Reel Campaigns" Social Acquisition System.

We created an All-In-One Social Media Customer Acquisition System That Takes You Through a 6-Step Proven Process That Produces a Powerful Campaign Growing Your Influence, Sales and Social Media Presence Without Posting EVERYDAY!

1. Define Goals & Map Out Social Media Advertising Strategy

2. Develop a Clear & Compelling Campaign Brand Messaging

3. Produce Powerful & Emotive  Video Content

4. Design a Sales Funnel to Convert Website Visitors into Qualified Leads

5. Execute Facebook Advertising including GeoTargeting, Retargeting, and Performance Reporting.

6. Execute Email Marketing  to Nurture Leads and Close Sales.

We Make You Famous For What Makes You Different!

Reel Campaigns:
Want to increase your social media presence and get more qualified leads for your business while you sleep?

What's included:

Campaign Strategy Blueprint, Campaign Narrative Planning, Campaign Video Commercial, Sales Funnel Build Out, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing Automation, and Monthly Performance Reporting)

Reel Video Content: 
Only need a professional and persuasive video asset for an existing campaign?  

No problem!  We turn your brands impact into powerful videos that help you turn skeptical prospects into happy customers or employees.

📈 Marketing Video Example

👔 Recruiting Video Example 

We Are Different Than 99% of Agencies

Because We Care About Your Growth as a Business

We are a Results-Focused Growth Agency who knows businesses looking to scale fast care about tangible results and not empty metrics that don't drive your buisness forward.

We are committed to helping our partners craft clear and authentic video content, reach 1000s of customers on social media using powerful video campaigns and generate 100s of leads while you sleep using proven sales funnels!

Our 4-Step Proven Process

Here's how to get started:

1. Plan 

  • Define Campaign Goals & Strategy
  • Develop Campaign Messaging
  • Design Profitable Campaign Map and Core Campaign Metrics

2. Produce

  • Direct & Produce Video Content
  • Write Compelling Follow  up Emails
  • Design & Develop Sales Funnel

3. Promote

  • Launch Ad Campaign
  • Scale Winning Ads
  • Produce Weekly Campaign Reports and Analyze Best Customer Data

4. Optimize

  • Discover Winning Trends & Adjust to Maximize Performance
  • Optimize Messaging for Environment Changes
  • Continuously Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Our Expertise

Brand Storytelling

Content Strategy

Video Production

Social Media Marketing

Sales Funnels Creation & Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Facebook / Instagram / Youtube Ads

A Word from Bryant Walker, Founder of Reel Results Marketing

I've been doing online video and digital marketing since I was 15 when a video I made went viral on Youtube in 2006.

In my career I've thrived in fast-paced Global Digital Advertising agency and Fortune 500 online recruiting environments that demanded results.

Since starting Reel Results in 2017 my vision has always been to help growing service businesses looking to scale go beyond traditional TV commercials or website brand videos and uncover the stories that clearly articulate the powerful impact of their work.

Strategic online video storytelling combined with social media marketing allows brands to reach thousands in their target markets with incredible ROI!